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Medical Institution Document Upload Service

The EFDO Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) provides medical schools with the ability to upload the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and medical school transcript directly to the ERAS Fellowship Document Office on behalf of an applicant. In order for a medical institution to upload a document on your behalf using MIDUS, you must send an electronic request to the medical institution using EFDO On-line Services.
In EFDO On-line Services, you will be required to enter the contact information of your medical institution including a valid email address. Once you submit your request in EFDO On-line Services, your medical institution will be sent an email with a link to access MIDUS and instructions on how to upload the document for your application. The email will also include your name, AAMC ID, date of birth and email address to assist your medical school in accurately locating your records.
Documents submitted through MIDUS are expected to take up to five (5) business days to process.
ATTENTION US MEDICAL SCHOOL GRADUATES: Your school of graduation may choose to release your MSPE(s) or medical school transcripts directly to you, instead of uploading them directly to the EFDO through MIDUS. Please contact your medical school directly to determine their policies on this matter.
ATTENTION TRANSFER STUDENTS: If you attended more than one medical school and are planning on using MIDUS to submit more than one medical school transcript to the EFDO, you must contact the EFDO at support@erasfellowshipdocuments.org so we can arrange to have all of your medical school transcripts available in your application.
Steps for Submitting MIDUS Requests in EFDO On-line Services
    1. Log in to MyERAS and click Documents tab
    2. Click EFDO On-line Services
    3. Once your EFDO On-line Services page loads, click Request a MSPE/Transcript on the left- hand side.
    4. Once you have carefully read the disclosures, check the box next to I have read and accept the above disclosures. and click Continue.
    5. Read the instructions and click New Document Request.
    6. Select which document type you are requesting (MSPE or medical school transcript). You must submit a separate request for each document type you would like uploaded through MIDUS.
    7. Enter complete contact information for your medical institution.
    Please note: It is very important to enter correct contact information so that your school receives your email request and so that EFDO can contact the institution, if necessary.
    8. Enter any comments or special instructions for your medical school.
    9. Carefully check the information you supplied, and click Submit. This will send the email request to your medical school.
    10. If your request was submitted successfully, you will see a confirmation page. Click OK on this page to return to the request homepage.
Complete these steps for each document type you would like to request
You can track the status of your existing MIDUS requests from the request home page in EFDO On-line Services. Each request will be listed in one of the following statuses:
NEW REQUEST You successfully submitted an electronic MIDUS request and an email has been sent to your medical school.
ACCEPTED BY MEDICAL SCHOOL The medical school received the email request and accepted EFDOs disclosures for using MIDUS.
DECLINED BY MEDICAL SCHOOL The medical school received the request email but declined EFDOs disclosures for using MIDUS. Contact your medical school for inquiries regarding this status.
DOCUMENT UPLOADED The medical school successfully uploaded the document to the EFDO your behalf. You can also track receipt of your documents received by the EFDO through the Verify Receipt of Documents page in EFDO On-line Services.
It is your responsibility to communicate with your medical school, and to follow up with your medical school to ensure that documents are ready in time to be sent to EFDO to meet program deadlines.

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