The ERAS Fellowships process begins with your request to EFDO for an ERAS token; a unique identifier which provides you access to MyERAS. You will then be able to complete the MyERAS application, select programs, and submit supporting documents.

Tip: Once you certify and submit your MyERAS application, it will be locked to make sure that all programs receive an identical application. While you cannot make changes to the MyERAS application once you have certified and submitted it, you are encouraged to keep your Personal Information in the Application section updated throughout the season.

Fellowship programs set individual standards regarding application deadlines, eligibility criteria, etc. Therefore, it is important that you research and contact programs of interest prior to applying to programs. It is your responsibility to research each program's participation status, requirements, and deadlines before you apply. When you contact the program(s), make sure to clarify what they mean by deadline. For example, is it the date the program wants your MyERAS application, with supporting documents and exam scores to follow, or must they have your COMPLETE application by this date?

ERAS is a dynamic process that will transmit new information and documents until the end of the season (May 31). ERAS will not refund fees if you submit your application after a program's deadline. It is your responsibility to confirm that you meet all eligibility requirements and program deadlines before applying by contacting programs directly.

NRMP Match
Programs who accept applications through ERAS may also participate in the NRMPĀ® match. The NRMP manages the Specialties Matching ServiceĀ® for certain specialties. If you plan to participate in the NRMP match for your preferred specialty, you must register separately with the NRMP. For more information, including which specialties participate and their individual match schedules, please visit the NRMP at https://www.nrmp.org/fellowship-applicants/participating-fellowships/ . Please note that not all specialties or programs participate in the NRMP Specialties Matching Service. It is up to applicants to research this information.