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ERAS® Fellowships Documents Office (EFDO)

IMPORTANT NOTE: ERAS 2015 Tokens will be available for purchase on June 11th. Please return to this site at that time. If you purchase an ERAS 2014 Token it will expire on May 31st and your application information and documents will be purged on that date. Tokens are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
Welcome to the ERAS® Fellowships Documents Office (EFDO), an online service exclusively for medical residents and fellows to support the centralized processing of fellowship application materials submitted via ERAS. Fellowship applicants request an electronic token to access MyERAS. The EFDO is the "Designated Dean's Office" whether you are a U.S. medical school graduate or an international medical school graduate. All medical school graduates request their electronic token here.
MyERAS is used by fellowship applicants to apply for specialized graduate training in fellowship programs in the U.S. Using the Internet, ERAS transmits fellowship applications, Letters of Recommendation (LoRs), the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), transcripts, photograph and ABSITE Transcripts (for surgical fellowships only) to program directors.
As the Designated Deanís Office for fellowship applicants, the EFDO establishes policies and procedures for document processing for fellowship applicants. The EFDO creates and assigns electronic tokens to all fellowship applicants so they may access MyERAS and begin the application process. During the season, the EFDO receives and attaches supporting documents to applicant files and transmits those documents through the ERAS PostOffice to programs designated by the applicant.

The EFDO allows fellowship applicants to upload their MSPEs, medical school transcripts, and digital photographs through the EFDO On-line Services. The link will be made available to fellowship applicants on the Documents tab of MyERAS 24 hours from the time applicants register on MyERAS.
The EFDO is no longer accepting paper documents for fellowship applications. Documents must be submitted electronically through EFDO On-line Services, MIDUS or the ERAS LoR Portal. Documents submitted by mail or courier will not be scanned or attached to an applicant's MyERAS application.
ATTENTION US MEDICAL SCHOOL GRADUATES: Your school of graduation may choose not to release your MSPE(s) or medical school transcripts directly to you, and instead upload them directly to the EFDO using MIDUS. Please contact your medical school directly to determine their policies on this matter.
Important Note: In accordance with the AAMC policy, fellowship applicants are NOT permitted to upload documents that have been printed from the Program Directors Workstation (PDWS). Moreover, it is against the AAMC policy for residency program directors/administrators to provide fellowship applicants with printouts of these document types for submission to the EFDO. Programs will be considered in violation of AAMC policy which may result in negative ramifications. Any print-out documents from the PDWS will NOT be uploaded to your ERAS fellowship application.
There are two application cycles for ERAS Fellowships; the July Application Cycle and the December Application Cycle. Be sure to read the fellowship applicant timeline information posted for your specialty of interest.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine is moving to the July recruitment cycle. This specialty will not participate in ERAS 2014. For more information, please see AAMC's announcement.
If you would like to request an ERAS 2014 fellowship token to begin your application process, click the Token Request button below. There is a $90 non-refundable processing fee for token requests.
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